I love the concept of the 22 seasons. Yes, you can find your colors in a 12 season palette but the task is much more complicated and it is not honed in the way the Color Breeze system is laid out. Of course if you are happy in the 12 season system then that is all that matters. For me I needed more specific palette colors to feel at home.


I felt like I had this unusual brightness as a soft summer yet I was still very much soft. This made a lot more sense when I learned that the sunlit soft summer is often mistaken for a spring due to its seasonal position on the Color Breeze Tree. I have a touch of light brown warmth but not as much as Toned Spring/Light Spring Soft. I was always drawn to warmer colors and had a hard time adjusting to soft summer until I understood that Sunlit Soft Summer has this warmth in its palette. Beautiful browns such as Sable, Cocoa, Rose Beige, and Cool beige. I found greys that I actually liked to wear such as Stone and Pewter in the Sunlit Soft Summer palette. I love mist but I love sunlight, Sunlit Soft Summer is the perfect balance of the two.


Finally after using different palettes, I found the palette that when I was obviously matching my natural coloring without question.

Many have seen my eyes and thought spring and summer. I think that even though my eyes are muted they have this hint of clarity and the taupe of Sunlit Soft Summer is present in my eyes.

compareAutumn was to heavy on me and too much pattern. Although it was my first guess when I learned about color analysis. I next thought I was a toned spring, due to the greyed muted yet still some warmth but it was still too bright and too warm. Makeup didn’t blend in right, and my skin looked like paper with dark circles and a sweaty look to my forehead as my skin tried to balance too warm colors. I felt greyed out and less present. When I wore orange, my face actually turned orange! Then when PYW announced 22 season/sub-seasons I found the missing puzzle piece that Sunlit Soft Summers can look like Springs yet they are cooler and not as saturated.

Here I am compared from child to adult. I am very happy with my Sunlit Soft Summer season. I see my ashen hair with cool caramel/sable highlights, and my eye-color reflected in the grey/blue-green and taupes.Makeup is a perfect match. Clothes are a worthwhile purchase, and I have the best healthiest glow!


5 thoughts on “Story of a Sunlit Soft Summer

  1. Your site is really great! I was drawn to it while doing research on my “eye type” and ours are similar…mine are many years older, but still blue! I am also a natural blonde although gray surrounds my face and I see now that I have been dying it a bit too strawberry blonde for my season. Soft summer suits me and I have never felt right in the Easter egg colors of spring or the bright light summer colors . Thank you for such a wonderful page.

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    1. Hi there! Yes I did love the soft spring, but it is my sister season, Sunlit Soft Summer’s sister season is Dusty Soft Spring 🙂 Also I did have my hair dyed yellow which harmonized very well with Soft Spring but now that my natural hair color has grown out there is less harmony pulling from my hair and the soft spring colors. It is a challenge to find saturated enough colors to match the sunlit soft summer in retail stores and much easier to find the correct soft spring colors. This is a fantastic idea for a blog post! When I post it I do hope you read it! Thank you for commenting!

      Please also check out my youtube channel!


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