I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite Sunlit Soft Summer makeup that I have discovered through the last few years. I have a lot more makeup to share from other seasons/sub-seasons upcoming!

Please watch my video!

~Lancome, “you’ve got the look” eyeshadow and for light handed bronze and shimmer replacer.

~Lancome, “Curtain Call” and “Vintage Rose” lipstick

~Laura Mercier, “Watercolor Mist Eye and Cheek palette

~Almay, “plum” mascara.

~Mary Kay, “Cherry blossom” blush

~Avon, “shell” foundation

~Mineral Fusion, “cool” concealer

~Living Proof, “Prime Style Extender” for the hair

I’m still looking for a favorite eyeliner…Can’t wait to share once I find some good ones!

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for my next post: Sunlit Soft Summer Clothing Showcase!

Heather, NaturalColorMosaic



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