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~Learn outfit combinations for the 4 seasons (time of year)

~Learn color combinations for outfit and season

~Receive beautiful outfits inspired by art and nature

~Learn how to mock another season’s palette/style with your natural coloring (e.g. you are a Summer who wants to dress like an Autumn and mimic the look)



Every palette has has it’s own version of red. What is your version of red?



I can extract the colors from nature and make color combinations that match your natural coloring and inspire you with decor and paint colors for a seasoned themed room.


The silver earrings are a perfect touch of fall, and work great for specific seasons…find out which ones!


The colors in art and nature inspires this look that I can’t wait to share with you.


I’m on a mission to find your best palette and color combinations in outfits, makeup, and home decor.


Bringing the outdoors inside. What decor will bring your room to life?



Don’t wait! Email me at to sign up for a free subscription of my Newsletter!

Heather Fieldman

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