In this video I will show you how to paint and decorate your bedroom to add maximum value and create an ambience of relaxing energy. Learn how to match colors using color analysis to find the best color scheme for your bedroom. Tips on how to renovate furniture and make the perfect painting to match the color scheme you choose for your room.


Green and white gives the air of restorative energy that is healing, relaxing, and uplifting.

I painted my chest of drawers a crisp white and replaced some of the knobs from brass to silver. It is still a work in progress but is much improved. This version of yellow is too dirty and out of place in such a clean and crisp bedroom color scheme.


Decor with a beach theme.


Wall colors Juniper Breeze by Behr and accent wall color Olivine by Ralph Lauren (metallic paint). Light green is very popular bedroom color right now and adds a lot of money $$$ value to a bedroom. You can see that Juniper Breeze is a highlight color in Olivine’s paint chip sample.


The original wall was bare and didn’t give much value to the room.


Olivine and Juniper Breeze walls side by side gives a dynamic look to the room.


Curtains are sheer (light and airy) and helps balance the accent wall (Olivine) with the rest of the room.


This painting is too heavy for the room and takes away from the light and airy feel. When we ordered it online we could not tell the painting went as dark as black in some areas including the water, palm trees, and horizon. I tried some different palettes to see what potentials would be a good replacement color.


It’s a beautiful day outside to fix up the canvas and palette match the paint colors to the bedroom color scheme.


Mixing colors is fun, but a proper painting palette would have been helpful!!!! Good thing this table is okay with getting messy!


After I finished painting I knew I would have to make touch-ups to it when placed back in the bedroom.


I used the wall color Juniper Breeze in the clouds.


I also added Olivine into the wave strokes in the ocean.


Here is the painting completed. The picture is taken in false lighting which also makes the accent wall which is the color Olivine look more olive and less green-blue.


Here you can see the accent wall painted Olivine has more of a green with blue sheen in natural lighting. The painting really goes with the bedrooms color scheme.


There is still more work to be done on the bedroom. Knowledge of color analysis really helps while decorating a room and pulling together a color palette that is both unique and a sought after look of many savvy interior decorators.




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