Watch the video! Learn the best red shades for makeup, clothes, and nail polish!

The best red shades:


Best red shades can be shown off this winter season in makeup, nail polish and clothing! A red winter dress would be very romantic and make you stand out at a holiday party! First you need to find out which of the 22 seasons you are? This way you know what your version of red is. Sound like a tall order? Don’t worry, I’m going to be offering professional color analysis in the DC area in just a few months!!! I can figure out your season!


I had a viewer ask me what red nail polish I would recommend for the sunlit soft summer. Thank you for the great question! If your looking at Zoya nail polish it appears like “Zanna”, and “Aubrey”. Those reds by Zoya appear very pigmented and bright so you could buy a mauve nail polish and tone down one of their reds like I talked about in the video.


There are many lovely shades but it is important that the red has a touch of mauve/neutral-cool brown in it so it is not to bright or saturated in color. Think dusty red and pink! But Sunlit Soft Summer can handle some brightness as an accent colors or colors that are just in small areas and not as close to the face.


Here are some of the fans many beautiful red shades.


For the nail polish I am wearing in the video, I mixed two colors together. It would be great if the perfect color was in one bottle, but I couldn’t find my desired “red cherry” at Ulta. The color I found at first OPI “Chick Flick Cherry” was too dark and saturated so I softened it with my staple color Nina Ultra Pro “Bittersweet”.


More nail polish colors pulled from the fan…



Great shades of red in the eyeshadows from Ulta “Tiara” and Revlon “Wild Orchids”.


Lipsticks: Lorac Pro “Pink Taupe”, “Rosewood”, and “Cabernet” used with lipliner Urban Decay “Manic”.


Ross had some great shades of Sunlit Soft Summer mauve/purple/red/burgundy shades! I recommend checking them out!


The Burgundy is as dark as a red I would go for Sunlit Soft Summer, it would be gorgeous as a dress color at a winter holiday party! A lot of people tend to wear black and grey. You will really stand out in a good way in this color!

Heather Fieldman,

One thought on “Best Red Shades for Sunlit Soft Summer (Winter Fashion)

  1. Heather, I love this topic!. You make a really good point in that when developing and creating your wardrobe, it is important to shop the seasons so that you can find the corresponding colors in your palate. Each season brings beautiful shades of certain colors and by being patient, you can develop a beautiful wardrobe that is within your color palette.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion!

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