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Find your best version of rose gold in makeup, outfits, accessories, jewelry, home decor, and more! Find out your season to determine if you look your best in warmer or cooler rose gold, shiny or matte rose gold, and either muted or saturated rose gold!

Get analyzed by me!!! Find your season!


I’m a Summer season, specifically Sunlit Soft Summer. There are 4 seasons: winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. What is your season?


I really love the lower palette for summer, it’s more neutral cool. The top of the palette is warmer and I could see Soft Autumn or Toned Spring enjoying these shades. But with Terracotta (warmer) and the black shadow (darker) I could see a warmer season or darker season like winter playing along.

Urban Decay “Blackheart” eye liner goes great with rose gold eye shadow.

I like how makeup looks natural and blends in below! This rose-gold-beige lipgloss is the perfect touch!



Pics of Rose Gold makeup from a recent Ulta trip! Depending on your season, there are certain palettes that could be better for you. Find your season before you go shopping! Which Palette is best on you??????





This purse I think would be best on the toned spring because of the warmer milk chocolate strap colors. Sunlit Soft Autumn might like this too. I like this purse as a Sunlit Soft Summer (because of the rose gold), and enjoy dipping into my sister season with this accessory. The sweater I’m wearing I also would recommend for the Toned Spring because of the ivory-yellowed white. However, I love the rose gold stripes!


Heather Fieldman,

One thought on “Best Rose Gold Makeup and Fashion!

  1. Rose Gold is my Best Metal! And my favorite daytime makeup look is to put a Shimmering Light Pink (Rose) Highlight eye shadow on my brow bone with a Shimmering Gold eye shadow on my lid. All of my Rose Gold jewelry is from Lauren Conrad. Rose Gold doesn’t get enough attention.

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