I am so grateful to meet this beautiful client and it was fun to visit her home. Her home is decorated and painted is many light spring colors.

At first it seemed she had a different quality from other Light Springs though, something softer. However, too soft and cool was drab (Soft Summer), and too cool and light washed out and drained the color from her skin (Light Summer).

This client is definitely a warm season:


Spring Yellow is looking great!


Autumn is too heavy and rich on her although she took liking to it compared to some of the other drapes from other seasons.

The Color Breeze System would put her as a Light Spring primarily. At first, we thought she could be a Dusty Soft Spring.


In the photo she is wearing the color “Celadon” as a shirt and “mushroom” as a blazer.


Here eyes are a warm blue with light brown flecks. Her skin is warm, and there is light quality to her features. She does highlight her hair. Just a little bit of makeup goes a long way on her and a “natural look” is best. A little shimmer on the lips and eyes is beautiful in makeup.


Here is a photo from her 20’s  and she is wearing “watermelon” which can be a Dusty Soft Spring color. You can see her hair comes in a bit darker golden blonde but it also gets quiet light and yellow in the sun naturally. This photo is very telling that her skin used to be a lot clearer when she was younger. The client reported to me her skin and eyes used to be brighter when she was younger and she has had a lot of sun exposure which might make her look like a Dusty Soft Spring but it that her best palette?


The Light Spring green drape really lit up my client’s skin and rejuvenated her appearance!


The Dusty Soft Spring was a bit “heavy” and put a dark cast on her face.

On Left is Dusty Soft Spring and on right is Light Spring. She is glowing and has better color in the Light Spring drape!


We took a trip to her closet with the Light Spring fan (cost $65), and we found some colors we liked that match the fan.


My client has some great Light Spring outfits already in her closet but we found out she needs some basic colors and ivory tops to replace her white tops and some more neutrals to wear with her colors.



We have a shopping trip scheduled where we will find some great outfits for her!

My client purchased a Custom Look Package, that gives her 5 different looks that I design for her! We can pull up those looks on the ipad/phone when we do our Shopping Trip (contact me to ask about prices for Personal Shopping and Custom Look Package).


I had a fun time designed a casual look for my client at work including makeup, accessories, and some interchangeable ideas in outfits!


Designing an outfit for my client for Valentine’s Day was so rewarding! She is going to look amazing on her special night out! ❤


I admire the Light Spring palette. Breathtaking….


I’d love to help you find your season. If you’re up for the challenge to find your best colors and outfit combinations feel free to contact me through this website contact page or at heatherfieldman@gmail.com!


Heather Fieldman



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