Watch video here. Learn about my perspective on color as a color analyst, the new 22 season  system and how we as people are so unique!


My passion is empowering wonderful clients to look and feel their best and bring out inner beauty so they will have success with shopping and have a stellar wardrobe. Save money and save time making the best purchases in clothing, makeup, accessories and more. Everyone deserves to find and love life in their best colors.

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The Color Breeze System is by Lora Alexander,


Being previously analyzed in other systems, it was hard finding and building a wardrobe that was the best for me. This was because my best colors in the soft summer palette are not the most dusty as many of the palette can be in other systems. I needed an analysis and palette that was very precise with my level of saturation. I personally love the Sunlit Soft Summer palette for my individual coloring.


I truly believe that we are more unique than 12 seasons and that is why I believe in the 22 season system. The system we use and the fan we buy and use to make purchases will influence are result, if many of the colors are not the best in the system we are using then we will get a mixed result with shopping. The goal of a successful color analysis is to save money and time for the client.


I believe in a PCA (professional color analysis) system that is centered around what is best for the client and that is what makes The Color Breeze System the best system out there for color analysis. Yes 22 seasons may seem complex but I will help you find your best colors and specific sub season that is best for you. The extra expertise and work is worth it for you. I will not settle for less. I offer color analysis that is affordable and that won’t break your bank account. I won’t let you leave you color analysis without presenting the opportunity with knowing exactly how to make excellent outfit pairings, wardrobe buildings, and have a full understanding of why you are the season you are and how to be successful with it in the real world.

Thank you so much!

Heather Fieldman



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