I am so happy to help this handsome client! He is a Toasted Soft Winter. He does well with softness added to the Winter palette (Winter with touch of brown) with a mix of some of the brighter colors to keep the palette dynamic and healthy looking. His “brother” season is the Smokey Soft Autumn. In the picture above he is holding his favorite colors to wear from the Toasted Soft Winter fan.


In this picture he is wearing some of the Toasted Soft Winter drapes.

His best colors are: Black, soft fuchsia, black cherry, warm burgundy, pine green, deep charcoal blue, mahogany, boysenberry.


My client felt comfortable right away in the Winter drapes.


You can tell from the photograph that my client has high contrast eyes. His eyes are not the darkest/deepest of the array of browns.


Just analyzing his eyes alone and looking at the yellow bands around his iris I could see how many could think True Winter or maybe even Deep Winter. But his eyes are just one piece of the picture. True Winter drapes were very bright and draining on this client and also Deep Winter seemed to be much better however the drapes stood out more then he did.

This model on the left has coolness in her eyes and warmth in her hair and appearance of warm overtones in her skin. She is a Toasted Soft Winter. My client has warmth in his eyes, and coolness in his hair and warm overtones in his skin. Different people can be different combinations. His overall appearance is Deep but he needs Softness first.


Here is a picture my client shared with me where you can see more of the appearance of warmth in his skin-tone. He can have a very “tan” look and olive tone to his skin.

It is so important that people have the opportunity to be more individual and unique. I truly believe the 22 seasons and the Color Breeze System (Lora Alexander). My client would not be center stage and his outfits would be wearing him if there was not a Toasted Soft Winter season.

Even Toasted Soft Winters are not all the same. I just recently analyzed a Toasted Soft Winter man (left picture) that could handle even less saturation then the client I have talked about in this post (right picture), both looked amazing in Toasted Soft Winter but if Deep winter was the only option for these clients then my previous client (left picture) would have really had a disadvantage wearing Deep Winter colors as it looked much too bright on him.


The man on the left shared a picture of when he was younger. Both men were not Deep enough to be Deep Winter and not Warm enough to be Deep Autumn and not Soft enough to be Soft Autumn or Soft Summer and certainly not cool enough to be True Winter.


Photo credit to Lora Alexander (Prettyyourworld.com).

I’m so glad I could help both of these wonderful clients find a handsome and gorgeous color palette such as Toasted Soft Winter from the Color Breeze system!


Toasted Soft Winter Man on Pinterest

My client asked me to design a business casual outfit for the conferences he attends.


Custom Look Package (5 custom looks) $15- I will make 5 custom looks for you. Examples include “Day at the Beach”, “Date Night”, “Casual Work Outfit”, “Important Meeting Outfit”, “Valentine’s Day Outfit”, “Holiday Party Outfit”…and more!

I hope you have enjoyed this post about the Toasted Soft Winter!

Thank you for reading,

Heather Fieldman



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