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bathroom 09

I love using color to inspire a room. Color analysis is not just for outfits and makeup. You can use your personal palette to decorate a room. I noticed a soft blue and yellow in the tile and thought I’d decorate with a combination of similar colors. The soft colors used in this example of home decor lets the soft tiles shine and does not overpower them. You can also see the window gives great natural light and placing a tree outside the window gave privacy but also added to the natural beauty of the bathroom. I love nature and try to infuse natural inspirations in all areas of design and decor.

bathroom 11

I founds soft yellow in this painting but also enjoyed the pop of brightness from the blue. The canvas really ties into the warm and cool pattern from the shower tiles.

bathroom 08

The whole bathroom decor theme started from the shell I found at Home Goods which I imagined would hold towels. The shell gives a spa feel. The elephant is a unique piece that brings the yellow from the tile to other parts of the bathroom. The washroom towels also contribute and work with the theme.

bathroom 04

I played with different types of yellow and blue keeping with the yellow/blue theme but changing variations of colors and saturations. Sometimes when decorating a room you can go out of the boundaries of a seasonal palette an express an artistic side with complimentary palettes or just make a bolder statement with a piece that stands out.

bathroom 12

This misty vase adds calm to the brightness of the yellow flowers.

bathroom 07

I made sure that everything has a home. Placement somewhere because organization gives a clean look.

bathroom 06

I love the patterns and small accent pieces including the design on the soap and  toothbrush holder and the yellow flower accent. A simple touch can go a long way!

bathroom 13

Finding a shower curtain that went with the theme but gave a unique vibe was key. Also shower curtains can clash or cheapen a look of a bathroom if not done with thoughtfulness. If choosing a different pattern make sure that it still fits and adds to the decor theme is essential.

bathroom 15

Beautiful texture in the towels and soft colors. Notice the brown is warm and blue is cool so a repeated pattern throughout the whole bathroom of warm and cool pairings.

bathroom 16

A great spot for adding a pretty blown glass tray to hold some bathroom items. Anything that can hold and organize is important but also adds quality to the room is essential for a dynamic look.

bathroom 03

This table’s color is so gorgeous. You can also see the teal that I played with in the soft floor mats. The little bubble texture in the mats go with the curtains circular design and teal color. bathroom 10

I found a lot of great items at Home Goods. You can see even the trash can gives something special to the bathroom, with its pale yellow colors and delicate design. I also found that matching items and reviewing the patterns, textures and colors in combination as I shopped was a sure bet that the bathroom would really show cohesiveness.

bathroom 00

Best of luck with your home decor projects!

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