Clear Spring is such a gorgeous palette!

I want to share a quick story with you about one of my clients who adored Light Summer but was found in the ColorBreeze system as a Clear Spring!


When you see these two palettes side by side, you really can see they both have a brightness to them. The fan on the left is neutral-warm and the fan on the right is neutral-cool. The fan on the left is more saturated and the darkest of the Spring seasons and the fan on the left has Summer softness and the lightest of the Summers.

“Thank you for showing me the 2 fans side by side, I really needed to see that.”- Client


My client told me “When you google Bright/Clear Spring outfits, you get tons of super dramatic high fashion clothes, so not my thing for example.”

So I asked her what she likes about one of her favorite seasons, Light Summer.

She responded  “I feel pretty, relaxed, laidback, but also elegant in Light Summer colors. I think I feel like people will “expect” me to be super extroverted in the Bright colors or that I’m trying to be the most noticed woman in the room, which is not true! So yes, Bright Spring outfits that still have a feminine, easy going vibe?”

Here are some good examples of color schemes from the Clear Spring palette:




Icy yellow, Icy Green, Peacock Blue, Mint, Aquamarine Green.


You can see my clients eyes are very striking and beautiful. There are gorgeous tranquil shades she can wear in outfits!



Laid Back

Apricot Ice, Warm Sand, Daylily, Spring Rain, Navy.



Bring the beach to your style and easy going vibe with a mix of cool and warm colors from the palette.



Elegant Bright Spring 2

Champagne, Icy Mint, Icy Green, Bright Orchid, Royal Purple.

Cover Photo 5

My clients style type is Gamine Classic. Here are some looks that I created for her:


Elegant Clear Spring logo

Elegant and feminine with a theme of a flowering garden. The greens and purples set off the “elegance”.


Easy-Going Clear Spring

Clear Spring can be more easy-going with some neutrals from the palette such as Apricot Ice and Warm Sand.  The blues from the palette are calming and also create a neat effect with the blue (cooler color of palette) and tan/peach colors (warmer colors in the palette).


Tranquil Clear Spring

The gorgeous colors from my clients eyes are great for making a tranquil effect. Tropical and exotic with a sunny refreshing twist of lemon-lime! The dress is simple, and the accessories add the pops of color. My client can choose to stand out as much as she likes with more or less accessories and pops of color.

Color Scheme and Outfit designs side by side:


There are so many gorgeous color combinations! What is your season and what are some amazing looks I can create for you in your best color schemes and outfit combinations???

I would love to help you find them!
Check out my services. https://naturalcolormosaic.com/contact/
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Thank you for reading,
Heather Fieldman
Professional Color Analyst

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