Custom Look Wardrobe Book. Manda


This gorgeous client purchased my “Custom Look Wardrobe Book”:

Custom Look Wardrobe Book  – I will create a whole wardrobe for you, including outfits for special occasions (including up to 20 custom look boards).  I will custom make a video that will be private to just you and answer any questions you have about the season and give you my best tips!

You can find the pricing under “contact page” for the Look Book.


My client had a wonderful D.I.Y Zyla palette already created. I analyzed her in the Color Breeze system and placed her in the Toasted Soft Summer which also harmonized with her custom Zyla palette.

DSC02197 (1)

Here is a picture of the Toasted Soft Summer fan above.

Below are some examples of Custom pages in her Custom Look Wardrobe Book:

Tranquil Mermaid

Tranquil Mermaid is inspired after my client’s Tranquil color and from the picture of the model on the bottom left corner with her tranquil monochromatic style.


The items in the set are available for purchase. When given the Custom Look Wardrobe Book, clients are provided a link so they can click on items and the website that they can purchase the items from.

Rock Steady Style

Rock Steady Style was designed to give my client a dressy edge for her husband’s band when they have performances and events. I love the Dark Khaki color of the center dress (from the Toasted Soft Summer palette) paired with her Energy color. She could also find a dress in your First Base and create the same effect.

Mermaid Romance on LandThis outfit was designed after my client’s Romantic and First Base colors from her DIY Zyla palette. A dressy and “sexy magic” look. I also used elements of her Essence in makeup and jewelry.

Casual Toasted Soft Summer

This look was inspired by the toasted soft summer and the toasted forest scenes. This outfit is ultra casual and brings a mysterious smokey green and grey look to my client’s wardrobe.

A Sun-Dance Performance

A Sun-Dance Performance is a Solo Art Opening Piece that is the most optimistic and sunny of outfits, perfect for a Spring or Summer art show. It uses shimmery shades of brown and greys with accents of lemon chiffon for a “pop” of sunshine.

Solo Art Opening

The Solo Art Opening masterpiece is designed using my clients Dramatic color and her version of gold (a soft gold with a gentle sheen). For extra look of Drama she can use her energy color for eyeshadow for a look that really stands out.

If you are interested in a Professional Color Analysis or Custom Wardrobe Book, please contact me here.

Also please check out my Professional Color Analysis youtube channel!

Thank you so much for reading!


Professional Color Analyst



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