The Palette minus my Romantic Colors (sorry I lost it and need to re-order it).DSC02196

After being asked by a friend, “How does your Color Breeze Season (sunlit Soft Summer/Dusty Soft Spring) compare to your Zyla Palette?” I was inspired to share this video and comparison with you! As you will see my colors often fall between the two fans and I really do enjoy the custom color palette that Zyla made me! The sunlit soft summer and dusty soft spring are both sister seasons.

Some color analysts are closed minded, but I think that will hurt them in the long run. An open minded color analyst who respects color analysts who use different systems and can learn and grow from them in my opinion have a much more colorful future. What do you think?

Dramatic Colors:


Energy Colors:


Tranquil Colors:


Romantic Colors:


Essence Colors:


1st Base:


2nd Base:DSC02182

3rd Base:DSC02185




Thank you!


Cover Photo 6 less vibrant 2



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