Excited to Announce my New Services!

Check out my NEW Services!

Color Portfolio Example light hair
My first and most exciting new offering is the Outfit Mosaic Portfolio. This is an array of your absolute best colors from your Color Breeze season and also can include colors from your sister season or colors that are uniquely custom made and amazing on you that may not be on your seasonal palette!! Don’t settle and walk around looking like everyone else. Get your A+ colors! This gives you a lifetime of knowledge for knowing and wearing your best colors. We use a photo you provide and overlay different colors so you can see how they look relative to you. I’m now working with a professional graphical artist who will overlay colors on your photo just like in the example above. This is an amazing tool for both me and you! I’m so excited to be able to work with a graphical artist and provide a completely new way to create a color pallet. This really allows me to fine tune your best colors!

Color Scheme Mosaic

Pink and Aqua Color Scheme

This is the combination of colors that you can use to create the best A+ outfit. This is created along with each look providing a color scheme for you to use when purchasing or planning outfits. The Color Scheme Mosaic can be purchased as an add on to each outfit or get it included with each outfit when you purchase the Look Book Packages.

Custom Seasonal Makeup and Hair Guide Book


This guide gives you what is individually your best colors to wear in makeup and hair color based on your individual coloring and season. Each Guide Book is completely unique to you.


We will use photos you provide to change the color of your hair to give you ideas on new hair colors to try. Again, we will do this in Photoshop to provide realist looking images with your hair colors changed before you decide to go to your local stylist. I will explain what kinds of hair colors complement your face and eye colors. With this package you’ll be able use hair color as a tool to change your look in any way you want. I will also explain how to use your new hair colors with clothes to achieve the best looks!

Color Analysis & Custom Look-Book Bonus Package
(5 custom looks)


This package includes a complete online color analysis where I go into great detail to find your true natural colors. After the completed color analysis you will receive 5 custom looks, A Color Scheme Mosaic for each look, The Seasonal Color Breeze E-Book and a full Outfit Mosaic Portfolio Page. You’ll get all these services bundled into one!
Outfit Example Ideas include “Day at the Beach”, “Date Night”, “Casual Work Outfit”, “Important Meeting Outfit”, “Valentine’s Day Outfit”, “Holiday Party Outfit”…and more

The Ultimate Natural Color Mosaic Experience

With this Ultimate package you will get the FULL Color Analysis Experience. We will start things off with a complete personalized client consultation (Contact me for specific details). This experience includes the Color Analysis & Custom Look Book Bonus Package with an added wardrobe amount of looks (10 total). These outfits include outfits of your choosing for any occasion (I’ll help you with ideas if you need some). Your Look Book will consist of:

Digital Outfits

Lavendar Shopping

Custom Pinterest boards

Pinterest 2
Many of the items in your book you will be able to find and purchase. Items will match your best colors and a Color Scheme Mosaic will be provided for each outfit.
Pink and Aqua Color Scheme
After the Look-Book is finished I will make a custom personalized video that will be private to only you.

Personalized YouTube Video

In the video I’ll talk about each outfit and explain the design and why I choose the color scheme for that outfit. During the video, I’ll give you my best tips! In this whole process, I will answer any questions you have along the way. This Package includes all of my offerings:

Color Analysis & Custom Look Book Bonus Package with 10 Total Outfits

Custom Seasonal Makeup and Hair Guide Book
+Custom Pinterest Boards
+Hand-Drawn Sketches and a
+Personal Video 
This is truly a complete package of all the services I provide. You Will Love It!

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