Perfect Soft Summer Hair Color: Madison Reed Veneto Light Brown 7NVA


So excited to open up this beautiful box!


Great packaging!


Everything I need inside!


Damaged brassy hair! This color is not great for Soft Summer color season because it is too warm and therefore looks brassy on my skin tone and natural coloring. On the right person this hair color could look good but not on me (I am a neutral cool season).

XLL Soft Summer

Here is the beautiful Soft Summer fan/color palette from Prism Xll and it has a muted neutral-cool quality which translates great for a hair color that is similar in that it is neutral and also has some violet ash in it with smokey undertones.

Soft Summer

Here I am in the soft summer drapes, to get an idea of what the color palette looks like in real life.

Cover page with flower

Here is an example of the Color Analysis services I offer above. Using your natural colors we can figure out your season and best colors in clothing, makeup, accessories, and HAIR COLOR. Okay, back to the hair color process:


Reading the directions! Can’t wait to get this process started.


Veneto Light Brown which is a level 7 neutral violet ash.


Mixing the color with the developer…


So excited if Madison Reed’s Smokey color can help eliminate this brassy orange hair! Adding the mixture to my hair to process.



…and now I can see the color starting to develop!


Using the hair cap, which is a great bonus! You can see I was messy and need to use the provided wet wipe to clean of the dye that got on my skin.



Wow, Madison Reed is so prepared with all the helpful supplies!



The color had full time to process ( I left it on for 60 minutes) which is a lot longer then what the directions recommended but I REALLY wanted to tone out and cover up the brass so I left the dye on longer.

Veneto Light Brown 7NVA 3

A waterfall of shiny smokey hair color perfection!

Veneto Light Brown 7NVA 4

Veneto Light Brown 7NVA 7

My new hair color in brighter light. It has this gorgeous ash sheen.

Veneto Light Brown 7NVA 11

In direct Sunlight…

Veneto Light Brown 7NVA

Wow! It WORKED!!!! No more orange brass!!!! And it’s a gorgeous Neutral Violet Ash color that is smokey and PERFECT for the Soft Summer season (color analysis).

Veneto Light Brown 7NVA 2

It is just so beautiful!!!!



If this before and after isn’t enough evidence then I don’t know what is!



(brassy before on the Left, Smokey Ash perfection on the right with Veneto Light Brown 7NVA)

Oh yes! It’s perfect! So much better!!! My hair looks a lot healthier in the right picture!

Veneto Light Brown 7NVA 9

Smokey Shiny and Veneto Light Brown 7NVA (neutral violet ash) in darker lighting at night..

Veneto Light Brown 7NVA 10

Daytime light and gorgeous natural hair color! Thank goodness! I highly recommend Madison Reed Professional Hair Color and Veneto Light Brown 7NVA!



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