First I recommend picking out a color scheme for your wedding. I found my color scheme for our future wedding from looking around at Pinterest. I found this beautiful hair piece and I loved the color scheme for a beach wedding. The colors are mint-aqua, ivory, dusty navy and silver. You want to make sure that some of your colors are your best colors but not all of them have to be. For example, I look wonderful in any blue based colors like navy and mint-aqua and my best metal color is silver. The ivory is not my best color but it is far better than optic white. The ivory will work with me because of all the other colors that are taking up space/real-estate.

Engagment 6

What does your wedding color scheme have to do with your engagement photo shoot? Well most likely you are using your engagement photo shoot for your wedding website and your invitations. Now imagine if that all matched?

Wedding Color Scheme 2

You can use and get the hex codes so you can match your colors exactly for websites, blogs, posts, and invitations for your wedding. The colors I picked have a tranquil yet energizing feel that is perfect for a beach wedding.

Engagement Collage

Here is my planned outfit for my engagement photo shoot in 2 weeks. I ordered the hair piece and necklace from Etsy. My dress is a dusty navy which is one of my best colors and that is key, the ivory which is not as good is in smaller places like little beads in the necklace and little flowers on the hair piece. Besides the dress color being flattering I also made sure to pick a dress cut/style that was flattering. The sweetheart neckline is very flattering on me as well as the a-line style shape of the bottom of the dress. The shoes are a neutral metal color in silver, but they also came in ivory which I decided to skip.

Wedding Color Scheme Collage

Here I am taking the color scheme and also applying to the wedding attire and decorations. Having a color scheme can really make you shine in your best colors but also add a vibe to your special day. The wedding website will also look beautiful using your color scheme, and your wedding invitations really set the tone for what guests will expect on the day of the wedding. It is great when all colors are in harmony!

Website Color Scheme

Here is a sample of a potential website background that would go great with our color scheme.

We are just 2 weeks away from our engagement photoshoot and we can’t wait to share with you how pre-planning the color scheme works out with the photos, wedding website and invitations in the future.

Thank you for reading! If you are interested in having a color analysis I’d be so happy to help you find your best colors for everyday and also for a special event such as engagement photos and weddings. has a new line of services coming out so be on the look out!



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