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Welcome to my site! My name is Heather and I am a color/style expert. I have studied color harmony for years and I am very excited to share my knowledge with you.

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I’m a Sunlit Soft Summer in the ColorBreeze system. My passions are color analysis, teaching, photography, triathlons, nutrition, and music! I find the most satisfaction from helping people find the best version of themselves. My goal is to give clients the confidence to know their best colors in clothing, makeup, accessories, home decor and more! Plus I provide my clients with a great knowledge base for the decisions they make after the analysis. I am a hard worker and very creative!

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I have studied color analysis for many years and have enjoyed doing research on the different theories and systems available. I have been fascinated with color analysis since I was a child.  In 5th grade, I researched hair dye methods and brands and experimented with mixing hair dye colors together to create different results. I was intrigued by hair color labels of warm, neutral, cool and how hair dye had different undertones such as blue, green, orange, mauve, etc. I often wondered what would make a certain color phenomenal on one person versus a different color amazing on someone else. When I first found out about color analysis, my whole world changed! My solid understanding of color analysis and theory has led me to answer my childhood questions about hair colors and why different levels of saturation, value, temperature, and contrast work on different characteristic combinations that people inherently have.As a result of my knowledge of color analysis, I always show the best I can be in personal appearance, wardrobe, makeup, accessories and home decor.


I decided to train with the ColorBreeze system because I believe that it is the best and most updated system available.

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We as humans are unique and the ColorBreeze system is very in-depth and tailored to the individual.

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I also like the fact that the ColorBreeze system uses dominant characteristics and fabric drapes that help determine a person’s season. I have seen systems that only use appearance of natural coloring or rely solely on fabric drapes. I believe it is best to use the most resources possible and not only rely on one. I am a visual person and the charts that Lora has created such as “The Color Tree” to explain how the different seasons sit in relevance to their characteristics is phenomenal. I am a soft season myself so when Lora discovered that there were more soft seasons I was very excited to know that people who struggled finding their correct season would now have a color home. I enjoyed Lora’s ColorBreeze training, because I could learn at a pace that was great for me and she used multi-modal teaching strategies for all learners. I felt like Lora was teaching me personally from my own living room and she shared experiences and her thoughts on an individualizedlevel. Lora was very supportive during the portfolio section of the ColorBreeze training. She shared her expertise with me on different clients and gave me some great feedback.

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I offer color analysis appointments and various services and custom work to clients listed on my website, New Services, such as custom look packages, wardrobe books, Pinterest boards and personal shopping.

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I currently live near the DC area in Arlington, VA. Please feel free to contact me for an appointment by email at                  

I’d be more than happy to provide assistance to clients outside the DC area in the event that I’m traveling and have the time. Feel free to contact me for any and all questions as I love talking about color analysis! Please visit my website and blog at

I also have a color analysis youtube channel  (Heather Fieldman) where I talk about color analysis and update clients on what I’m doing. So if you enjoy color analysis I highly recommend signing up for my newsletter and subscribing to my youtube channel. I’m excited to update my clients on timeless advice and all the new trends and color fashion. Thank you!


Heather Fieldman

ColorBreeze Professional Color Analyst

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