Professional Color Analysis Reviews

“Receiving a personalized color analysis by Heather at Natural Color Mosaic has been truly transformational! Before the analysis, I had been wearing soft subdued colors. Beautiful colors, but not the best for my unique coloring. I thought somehow these colors also made me appear soft and subdued, easy to get along with, feminine. Little did I know was that these colors did nothing to bring out my natural beauty, not just on a physical level, but also on a deeper mental and emotional level as well. Heather was extremely helpful and even open to my input during the process of discovering my best palette. She answered all of my questions. She then used her expertise in color and The Color Breeze System to narrow it down and finally confirm my Season and Palette. She even put together 3 incredible Mini Palettes and Outfit Idea Boards in my Season to help jump start my new wardrobe and get the ideas flowing. She really listened to my needs, taste, and style to create the perfect Outfits for me. Since my analysis, a bright new world of color has opened up to me! I feel excited and recharged! I am having fun trying new colors I’ve never worn and feel like a kid again when at the store shopping. A new confidence is emerging in me and a complete renewal of spirit. I have already recommended Heather’s services to friends and would not hesitate to refer anyone in the future looking to discover their own natural beauty.” ~ Erin, Chandler, AZ

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