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Color Analysis $99Find out if your are a Winter, Summer, Autumn, or Spring and your sub-season (e.g. Smokey Soft Autumn) and learn your best colors in clothing, makeup, accessories, and more! This service now includes a Personal Natural Color Mosaic page and seasonal e-book that you will receive after your analysis!
Fan is $65-PYW color Breeze fan to help you with shopping and to find your best colors in clothing, makeup, accessories, and more!
A La Cart Services:
Individual Custom Outfit- with previous purchase of Color Analysis from Natural Color Mosaic –$20
Individual Custom Outfit- without Color Analysis –$30
Color Scheme Mosaic, per outfit –$5
Seasonal Color Breeze E-book –$15
Outfit Mosaic Portfolio — $50
Color Analysis & Custom Look-Book Bonus Package (5 custom looks)
This package includes a complete online color analysis where I go into great detail to find your true natural colors. After the completed color analysis you will receive 5 custom looks ($100), A Color Scheme Mosaic for each look (5x$5=$25), The Seasonal Color Breeze E-Book ($15) and a full Outfit Mosaic Portfolio Page ($50). You’ll get all these services for $225. (A $50 savings).
Outfit Example Ideas include “Day at the Beach”, “Date Night”, “Casual Work Outfit”, “Important Meeting Outfit”, “Valentine’s Day Outfit”, “Holiday Party Outfit”…and more!
Custom Seasonal Makeup and Hair Guide Book– This guide gives you what is individually your best colors to wear in makeup and hair color based on your individual coloring and season. Each Guide Book is completely unique to you. –$99
The Ultimate Natural Color Mosaic Experience – With this Ultimate package you will get the FULL Color Analysis Experience. We will start things off with a complete personalized client consultation (Contact me for specific details). This experience includes the Color Analysis & Custom Look Book Bonus Package with an added wardrobe amount of looks (10 total) These outfits include outfits of your choosing for any occasion (I’ll help you with ideas if you need some). Your Look Book will consist of digital outfits that I design, custom Pinterest boards , and hand-drawn sketches. Many of the items in your book you will be able to find and purchase. Items will match your best colors and a Color Scheme Mosaic will be provided for each outfit. After the Look-Book is finished I will make a custom personalized video that will be private to only you. In the video I’ll talk about each outfit and explain the design and why I choose the color scheme for that outfit. During the video, I’ll give you my best tips! Through this process, I will answer any questions you have along the way. This Package includes all of my offerings:
Color Analysis & Custom Look Book Bonus Package with 10 Total Outfits ($340 value) & the Custom Seasonal Makeup and Hair Guide Book ($99 value)
All this PLUS:
+Custom Pinterest Boards (you’ll be able to purchase the items if you desire)
+Hand-Drawn Sketches (sketches of clothing styles that suit you best)
+Personal Video (I’ll go over EVERYTHING just for YOU!)
The Ultimate Natural Color Mosaic Experience –$399
This is truely a complete package of all the services I provide. You Will Love It!
Shop with me $50 per hour I will take you shopping and show you how to use your fan and make successful purchases and help you find your outfit staples!
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