Excited to Announce my New Services!

Check out my NEW Services! My first and most exciting new offering is the Outfit Mosaic Portfolio. This is an array of your absolute best colors from your Color Breeze season and also can include colors from your sister season or colors that are uniquely custom made and amazing on you that may not be…Read more »

Should I Get A Color Analysis? – FIND OUT WHY!

Watch the video here! So excited for the LAUNCH of my NEW BUSINESS! Watch the ALL-STAR cast in my video and find out WHY COLOR ANALYSIS MATTERS! Find your best colors in clothing, makeup, accessories, and more using color analysis by NaturalColorMosaic! Facebook: @NCMosaic, https://www.facebook.com/NCMosaic/ Youtube: Heather Fieldman, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPX3… Email: heatherfieldman@gmail.com Pinterest: ncolormosaic, https://www.pinterest.com/ncolormosaic/ Instagram:…Read more »